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Career Planning

Career Planning

Changing careers? Stuck? Haven’t gotten going yet?

Fleming CREW can help you better understand the process of planning career planning and the next steps you need to take in order to achieve your career goals. An Employment Consultant may be able to bring your career plan into better clarity. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our Employment Consultants!

We also encourage you to begin investigating on your own by using the links below.

Career Planning and Job Search Assistance

OnWin- career planning and job search library

Service Canada Career Quizzes – FREE sign up to get access to:

  • Abilities Quiz
  • Data, People, Things Orientation
  • Work Preference
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Learning Style Quiz
  • Work Values Quiz

Tools, Assessments and Training Support

Want to learn more about your personality type?

This  is a fun and informative introduction!  Discuss your results with one of our employment consultants to get in-depth information about how your personality matches with the careers you are interested in.

What are your work preferences?  

This Holland’s Code based quiz helps you to identify your career personality and provides a list of occupations that best suit your preferences.  You can also try this brief, picture-based version.

How do you work on a team?

Try this team roles test to find out what role you prefer at work.  Great for interview preparation!

Want to prepare for the hiring selection process?

Get practice taking a pre-employment, DISC based assessment, often used by employers to determine employment and team “fit.”

Want to start your own business?

Test your motivation, aptitudes and attitudes for self-employment with this Entrepreneurial Type quiz.

Wondering how your skills match up? has over 20 free tests covering general, verbal, numerical and non-verbal skills.