Recruitment Supports

No HR Department?  No problem!

At Fleming CREW we offer the next best thing to your own HR department!



When the idea of piles of resumes becomes too much to handle,  our Job Developers can help you with the initial screening process.

It’s a simple as giving us the criteria you would use and we can create a short list for you.


Interview Space:

If your business does not have offices, or simply is not the most ideal location, we can offer you an office in which to interview candidates for your positions.

The space we offer is conveniently located, has lots of free parking and is fully equipped with computer access, faxing and a phone provided during your interview time at no charge.


Job Fairs:

When you need to hire for multiple positions, the hiring challenge can be particularly costly and time consuming.  Our Job Developers can be very helpful in the process by promoting a Job Fair where you can easily meet and screen candidates in an event that we are happy to host for you.


Support After the Hire:

We can help make the hire a lasting investment by giving you access to information and resources to help you retain your new employee.

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